Everyone’s Canada challenges an emerging narrative in Canada that undermines our commitment to multiculturalism, pluralism, and immigration. A narrative that claims that Canada only belongs to those of a certain background and experience, preventing many Canadians from calling this country home.  

Canada is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what you look like, where you come from, or what binds your conscience because Canadian identity isn’t tied to a particular race or ethnicity, but is rather built around a set of aspirations. For instance, the notion that the content of your character matters more than the colour of your skin. That when people need safe refuge, Canada will come to their aid because it reflects the values we hold as a nation. Although we don’t always live up to these ideals, we continually strive to achieve them because the pursuit is foundational to who we are as a people. 

(A more detailed overview of Everyone’s Canada’s vision for Canada can be found here.)

Everyone’s Canada is a nationally registered non-profit organization with its head office located in Edmonton. Our team and supporters consist of Sheena Josan, Ashton Orr-Frayn, Richie Assaly, Martin Hui, Vikram Seth, Amy Sanderson, Chris Henderson, Cameron Raynor, Ian Anderson, Jeromy Deleff, Zain Velji, Avnish Nanda, Anthea Chan, and many others spread across the country. 

Everyone’s Canada acknowledges that Canada is located on the traditional and existing lands of First Nations, Inuit, and
Métis nations and peoples.

(Everyone’s Canada’s Territorial Acknowledgment can be reviewed here.)